Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition
1. Business outcomes

Australian Indian Wedding Expo Pty Ltd (We) takes no responsibility for the business leads generated for each sponsor at the expo.


2.1. As specified in this Contract, We will:

a) organise and hold the Expo
b) organise and hold any conference, seminar or meeting (Conference)
c) promote the Exhibition and the Conference (collectively Events)
d) make reasonable efforts to offer you the Expo Space, Advertising or Sponsorship requested
e) where Events are held at multiple venues, help visitors to move between those venues.

2.2. We do not guarantee Expo visitor numbers or any level of commercial activity. We can cancel the Expo by writing to you before it starts.

2.3. We may change the Event including but not limited to:

a) changing your Exhibition Space or its location to suit our floor plan
b) changing the date
c) changing the duration
d) changing visitor opening hours
f) extending the venue in a separate area from the main venue

2.4. We can ask you to: obey the relevant laws, prevent any damage and maximise the Event’s commercial success.We can do this verbally, in writing and in the Exhibitor Zone. Our directions may include but are not limited to:

a) refusing to allow, or stopping displays, product demonstrations or other uses of your Exhibition Space
b) specifying display area wall heights and coverings
c) approving or disapproving the content and presentation of your promotional materials
d) deciding times you can set up and dismantle displays
e) deciding how you, your employees, contractors or agents use Event entry cards
f) setting conditions for moving goods and displays before, during and after the Event
g) setting restrictions on taking photographs
h) specifying how you can use audio visual equipment and media and how you can demonstrate machines making health and safety requirements.

2.5. We may assign any of our rights under this Contract.

2.6. We may undertake a credit check on any company or director applying for credit.


3.1. You are not a tenant of the Exhibition Space. You cannot transfer it, share it or assign your rights to another person without our prior written permission.
If we do give our written permission, both you and the person to whom you assign your rights must agree to and sign this Contract. This extends to any

Additional special contract that we may require as a condition of allowing you to assign. 1

3.2. You must:

a) use your Exhibition Space only to display and promote goods and/or services in keeping with the Exhibition
b) make the most of your Exhibition Space’s promotional and commercial opportunities and maximise its aesthetic appearance in keeping with the standard and atmosphere of the showcase.
c) use the Conference area only for the purposes of the Conference
d) follow our directions as soon as possible and pay any associated costs
e) comply with relevant laws, meet OH&S and venue guidelines, and avoid injuring a person or damaging property
f) keep your Exhibition Space and Conference area clean and tidy, and immediately remove all your materials when the Event ends. If you do not, we will charge you a fee to do so.
g) not do anything that may interfere with the smooth running of an Event, including but not limited to, encouraging
Event visitors to view goods and services in another location
h) not sell or intend to sell goods at the Event that misrepresent or infringe intellectual property rights.


4.1 If you breach the Contract, we will provide you with notice of the breach, and give you a reasonable time to remedy it. If you fail to remedy the breach within this time, we may:

a) reallocate your Exhibition Space or refuse you access to it
b) remedy your breach without advising you and require you to pay for the cost of our actions
d) cancel all or part of the Contract without further notice to you
e) remove you from your Exhibition Space and the Event.


5.1 You agree that the Event site can be hazardous. You will take due care to prevent injury and property damage. We are not responsible for any damage caused by your acts or omissions. You must use our incident report form to tell us in writing about any site incident and give us supporting evidence. After an incident, you must not remove anything from the site without our prior approval.

5.2. In order to occupy the Exhibition Space, you must give us proof of current public liability insurance for A$10 million, with an insurer that we approve of, 14 days before the Exhibition starts. Your insurance cover must begin least 14 days before the Exhibition starts and continue until the end of the move-out period. If you do not have public liability insurance, we can arrange it for you at your expense.

5.3. You must not share your Exhibition Space without our prior written permission. If we permit you to share all or part of your Exhibition Space with another person (Co-exhibitor) they must sign these Terms and Conditions. We will
charge you a separate public liability insurance fee for each Co-exhibitor if you do not give us a separate certificate of currency for them.


6.1. As allowed by law, or except where this Contract states, we:

a) do not make any representations or warranties about you or the Exhibition Space
b) are not liable for any person’s injury or death, property damage, economic loss, or any indirect, special or consequential damages to do with the Event
c) exclude all conditions and warranties implied by custom, general law or statute
d) limit our liability under any implied condition or warranty, at our option, to re-supply an affected service or pay for it to be re-supplied.

6.2. You indemnify us from and against any claims, damages, losses and costs we may incur because of:

a) any breach of the Contract that you make,
b) any of your displays or product demonstrations
a) any of your acts or omissions to do with the Event, including any negligence and wrong doings.

6.3. Except where the law otherwise requires, in a claim for damages by one party against another, including a third party claim, the recoverable damages claim must reflect just and equitable responsibility for the damage

7. Giving us Material

a) When you give us Material or you publish Material in a Publication you warrant that:

i) you own it or have the right to use and publish it
ii) we have the right to use and publish it
iii) it does not breach any law or any other person’s rights
iv) it is accurate, complete and free from error
v) you can legally represent the individual, entity, product or service in the Material
vi) you agree to these Terms and Conditions and will pay our rates.

b) You must give us all Material by the Material deadline that we set.

c) If we do not receive your Material by the Material deadline, we will consider that you do not want to participate and your company will not be included.

d) If we accept Material after the Material deadline you cannot cancel it, or stop us from publishing it.

h) We are not liable for any loss or damage to the Material. We are also not responsible for returning Material to you.

8. Publishing Material

a) We may:

i) refuse to publish Material
ii) remove Material from a Publication without telling you
iii) choose where to place Material in a Publication.

b) You must complete your own directory entry on the relevant exhibition website.

9. Liability

a) We will take every care to include the Material in the Publication, but we are not liable for any loss if it is not included.

c) You indemnify us for all claims against us and any loss or damage to us from publishing the Material because of:

i) any breach by you of your warranty in Clause
ii) any allegation that we have breached third-party intellectual property rights
iii) any other liability we may be exposed to.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

a) We may ask you to supply us with a copy of your trademarks, service marks, symbols and logos (‘Trade ID’) so that we may use the Trade ID in materials related to the promotional Activity. We will identify precisely how and where
we intend to use the Trade ID. You may refuse our request in your absolute discretion. If you agree to our request then:

i) you grant to us a licence for the use of the Trade ID or any part of it for the sole purpose of, and only to the extent necessary, enabling us to perform our obligations under this Contract.
ii) we acknowledge that our right to use your Trade ID is limited to use exclusively in relation to the Promotional Activity.

b) We must:

i) hold any goodwill in any of the Trade ID as bare trustee for you and
unconditionally assign the same to you on demand;
ii) not do or omit to do anything that might jeopardise the validity of any of the Trade ID;
iii) Promptly notify you of any unauthorised use in Australia of any of the Trade ID of which we become aware.

c) All intellectual property (including the Trade ID) you create remains your property.

d) Any intellectual property we create in relation to the Promotional Activity belongs to us unless otherwise agreed in writing.

e) You must clearly identify any of your intellectual property (including the Trade ID) that we hold together with any restrictions upon its use before it is utilised during the Promotional Activity.